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Flat Tire

Short Film, 2014, 15 min

A trip that in the beginning looks like a dream for a happy family is crashed when there's a flat on the way to the synagogue, and there is no replacement wheel.

Writer & Director - Roy Kanevsky
Producer - Lilach Gaigo
Director of Photography - Shavit Lavi
Editor - Tomer Lezemy

Sound - Elzy Zuberman
Sound Mix - Tom Karni
1st AC - Nevo Rofeh
Camera Department - Eilon Zach, Maor Kaplan, Kalil Hayoun

Makeup - Shay Erlich, Rachel Kotler

With - Moshiko Kanevsky, Einav Markel, Jonathan Mintz

Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_00_48_03.Still001.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_05_02_17.Still005.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_07_05_09.Still009.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_08_11_20.Still010.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_05_20_15.Still006.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_09_15_23.Still013.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_12_19_07_edited.jpg
Flat Tire - Short Film.mp4.00_14_44_07.Still018.jpg
Behind the Scenes
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